** 28 Febuary**

I have restarted worknig on the website, next guild meeting i will talk about it.

** 24 December**

First of all Merry xmas to you all, hope your holidays are going great :)
I would like to say that i am changing the sites layout once i come back from the USA.
A calendar will be set up, the colours of the site will change aswell.
I will be creating threads where you will be able to post your video and images :)
Hope you have a great break and see you all in 2008, this year, Prince is going to fall!

** 28 October**

We would like to thank all the players which attended to the run which happened shortly after the meeting…
During this run we have succefully formed a raid group which we then split in three.
All three groups then attacked Crossroads in the Barrens.
After Obliterating Xroads in 3 minutes, we reformed a whole raids group of 17 players and went to take down Azuregos in azshara
( After successfully taking him down we marched towards Silvermoon City, Capital of the Blood Elves on which we unfortunatly wiped… 3 Boss lvl elites blocked our way to a successfull night. But unleashed fury shall return!

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