Latest Guild Meetings Plans

Next guild meeting : Sunday 28 october:

Guild meeting Sunday 28 october: resume:

** A new rank has now been set up. It is called Unleashed Raiders. **

  • New guild rules have been set up : being rude, racist or sexual discrimination will be tolerated.
  • More raids and runs to instances will be set up…

Guild meeting thursday 26 July resume:

Guild Bank

*The idea of a guild bank has been discussed but will need further thinking as many ideas came up :
-The guild bank will have to be on everyday.
-What would it be used for?
-Do we need a guild bank?
- Who will benefit from it?
The idea of a Guild Bank will not happen yet.


Lv 25+ only will be recruited but alts will be spared.


-Most players will be asked to have a Map mod ( Coordinates). We would like to ask players to download the Ct Mod and the Atlas mod aswell.
- Ventrillo is required to be able to enter high lvl instances. This will reduce the amount of incidents and of time wasted on typing. Players do not need to talk but will be able to listen to the Leader, making life a lot easier :)

So far this is all the news that we have to give. Further news will be announced on the main page.

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